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Activity Check | July 1-31, 2016

This period of AC covers July 1st to July 31st and in order to qualify for this period, the threads in question need to fall on posts or logs started between these dates. Backtagging is fine – the AC has a grace period of five days in which to continue existing threads up to the 5th in order to make the required comment count. For example, if your thread is standing at 12 comments and the final 3 comments are added between the 30th and the 5th, that's totally acceptable! However starting a thread (for example on the 4th) on a post made from the previous month (on the 28th) would not count.

15 comments by your character
  • May be reached in a maximum of three separate threads.
  • Fifteen overall comments from your character, not the final total of the thread(s) itself.
  • Reaction spam (or icon chain) comments (like 1/4... etc) only count as one reply. Inbox threads do not qualify.
  • In the instance of closed logs or locked network posts with no public content, please note that only one thread from these entries qualifies for the AC's overall comment count, including the entry itself.
  • Posts not appropriately tagged with your character's community tags are not eligible for AC.
      For the full breakdown of Activity Check guidelines, please read the AC section on the Rules page.

Activity Check Points
  • Making minimum or base activity of 15 comments rewards 1 point.
  • Per every group of 15+ tags beyond base (again, spread across maximum 3 threads apiece), rewards 1 additional point.
  • Comment totals do not carry outside their group (ie; one thread of 29 comments still only counts as 1 group, meaning the next group has to have at least 15 in itself, not only 1.)
  • Total cap of 60 tags equaling 4 points per month, per character, available to earn.
  • Mods will note your point gain for the month when confirming your AC, and update the point tracking spreadsheet accordingly.

Characters accepted in July 2016 are not required to provide AC proofs for this month, only a check in. If, however, you have a new character and would LIKE to provide AC you've gotten in your first month, you can still provide proofs for the three bonus ACs, and earn points for them.

Characters who were on official and approved hiatus for ten (10) days or more during the activity period are exempt. Your AC status (exempted/not exempted) is included as part of your hiatus confirmation comment.

IMPORTANT! Players must still check in if the hiatus has already ended or they are new (even if no activity links are required to pass) so that we have a record of your activity, and so we don't accidentally sweep anyone from the game. Characters who are not checked in and are not presently on hiatus will still qualify as taking a strike.

If for any reason you have been unable to meet the AC and your character is 'swept' from the game, you may reclaim this character once within a 6-month period if you reply to the Activity Check results. If that particular character lands on the AC again, you will need to re-apply for them, except in the case of extenuating circumstances. Characters who are not reclaimed will be considered dropped and removed from the game.

You have until August 5th @ 11:59PM EST to fill out this activity check for your character(s).
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Player: Lel

Character: Danny Fenton | Canon | [personal profile] schrodingersghost

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