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Event | Summer Jubilee | June 22nd-28th

June 22nd-28th | BACK TO THE ROOTS;

During this month, the foreigners might have been able to overhear the kedan have begun to make preparation for a celebration. If asked, the kedan will say it's just a "family thing" and if they press for more, those who maintain a friendly relationship with them will be told it actually varies from family to family, that it isn't a fixed thing. They will be open about sharing (and even happy to talk about it!) that it's a celebration to get in tune with our past, to make sure you learn from your mistakes and also that you never forget where you come from. The older kedan will explain about how the ties between realms have to be strengthened to avoid corruption, connecting past, present and future to the Life realm.

Even with Malicant's presence still darkening the Palace (literally and figuratively) the kedan seem determined to mark this occasion. In addition, this week-long celebration also coincides with the six month birthdays of the turtle hatchlings for which the kedan are excited for (and are producing an ungodly amount of turtle and shell themed festive foods and decorations). Their enthusiasm is contagious and in fact even the cultists seem to have evaporated from the street corners and dark alleys, giving the happy hatchlings (because they totally know this party is partly for them) free run of the city with parents in tow.

Knowing that the Foreigners are removed from their homes and actual families by being in Keeliai, many kedan are reaching out to include them in the spirit of this celebration. Characters will find themselves being approached by kedan they know (and even some they don't) with offers to join them for dinner, or even inviting them to live with them full time for a day or two. (No longer though, else they will be away from their soul lanterns for too long!) They'll be treated as full fledged members of these welcoming kedanese homes, right down to assuming pseudo-familial relationships with them. (Big sister, pass the salt! It's your turn to do dishes!)

And, if that weren't enough frivolity, the barbecue mentioned here will also be occurring around the same time. It will be in a separate log, so feel free to swing on by and bring corn on the cob. Or the turtle equivalent thereof.

The Ritual
Considering the risk they all find themselves in thanks to a certain big bad M, every Foreigner will also be invited to attend the ritual which is the central theme to this celebration. They will be repeatedly encouraged to participate, even though it's strictly optional and voluntary. Everyone who goes through the ritual, they said, will get a little advice from the past about something that might be troubling them in the present... however, how that advice will get to them is not known and it's apparently very subjective.

The ritual itself, for those who ask, will be carried out in the Water District, in a central fountain to that sector which is apparently used for this very purpose every time. The only thing they have to do is to choose something with a strong connection to them, something that has shaped them to be who they are today, and soak it up in the water of the fountain at least three different times the same day. That’s it. Easy enough, right?

Dream a little dream of me...
Those who have followed the kedan's instructions concerning soaking their possession in the fountain will get a special visit during the night. People from their past, from any point in their past, will pay them a visit during a dream on the night of the same day they went through the ritual. What is said to the characters is up to each individual player, but the visit will be mostly friendly and with the purpose of helping them out or giving them advice, and run along the theme of family bonds (whether blood or otherwise). They can get visits from more than one person too, and they don’t even have to be 'friends'. It could just be an enemy making them see things on a new light!

Asti's Blessings
In thanks for taking care of his young nieces and nephews, Asti will be appearing to all current turtle parents in a vision, taking the form of the same soft-spoken, teen boy (approximately 13-14 years old) that some may remember from the last Dreaming contact with the Foreigners. He will thank them sincerely for taking care of his kin and protecting them, and offer these Foreigners a very special boon. They may choose either a single ability or power OR be granted control of a memory (to either gain or lose, whether theirs or someone else's) OR affect a physical change to themselves. So long as it is within Asti's considerable power to grant, he wishes to afford the Foreigners a small measure of his gratitude.

OOC Note: There is a check-in comment LOCATED HERE for turtle parents, so please comment there so we can approve the boons to make sure it's nothing game-breaking.

Have any questions? Please refer to the QUESTIONS section of the comments and ask away! We will answer them in as timely a method as possible. Otherwise, feel free to use this post to plot what your character(s) may be up to during the event!

NOTE: As a reminder, we now have an active game plurk @ [ profile] tushan that you can add.
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Character: Michaelangelo
Brief description of requested boon:

Empathetic projection.

The ability to project his emotional state onto those around him within a given vicinity. When he's happy/content he sort of radiates that to those near him. I don't see it as something he'd even realize he had until...those three out of ten times when he's not happy/content.

I figure it'd affect npcs and then pc's with permission.

(It was suggested I request the ability to summon Theme Music to well up from no where when thematically appropriate. Descending underground would prompt "Mario Goes Underground" music, or a fight scene might call for Carmina Burana, that sort of thing.

While I kind of figure this request isn't really befitting the nature of the game, I couldn't in good conscience NOT share it just the same.)
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[personal profile] michaeljangelo 2014-06-24 01:56 am (UTC)(link)
No problem!